Not since the invention of the six-pack have we seen an invention so darned cool.

The city of Bruges, Belgium has unveiled a new pipeline filled with beer that runs underneath the streets from the De Halve Maan to a bottling center on the edge of the city.

Creating the two-and-a-half-mile pipeline means that trucks no longer have to ride through the city, potentially causing damage to buildings and roads, which is an issue since the metropolis is considered a heritage site.

The pipeline, which cost $4.5 million (that's a lot of six-packs) to build, can send 4,000 liters of beer (also a lot of six-packs) per hour to the plant.

This could be revolutionary. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can now finally and easily have access to the proper beverage to go along with their beloved pizza. Or perhaps scientists can create the ideal tap -- water fountains in which water is replaced with beer. Knowing you can quench yourself with a nice cold one from a water fountain in the park after a jog would make exercising that much more tolerable, right?