Towards the end of the last century, the muscle car was something of a dying breed, but this iconic expression of steel, power and American might has made an impressive comeback, despite the always rising prices of gasoline.

What is a muscle car, for those of you who aren’t sure? Generally, it’s a two-door automobile with some sleek, yet brawny looking lines (a study in contrasts) accompanied by one hell of a big engine. These cars aren’t for greenies worried about the state of the planet. They’re for people who want some engineered punch and vigor resting beneath them, just waiting to answer their desire for speed with a little pressure on the gas pedal.

A mullet used to be a prerequisite to owning one of these bad babies, but no longer. They’ve come a long way as far as style and overall design goes. While there is some room for debate as to what defines the modern muscle car, here is a list of some of our favorite models for 2013.