Okay, we’re just going to say it: Advance Medical is the coolest company in the world.

The Port Orange, FL-based healthcare company has instituted a gimmick in its office called ‘Beer Cart Fridays.’  and it's every bit as awesome as it sounds.

In order to thank everyone for their hard work, CEO Jennifer Fuicelli (from the Italian root meaning “greatest boss ever) says she lets her employees drink beer from a cart that’s wheeled around the office. It’s all part of what she dubs an “unorthodox corporate culture.” Not to mention a ploy to get people to make bad jokes that begin, "Maybe it's just the beer talking, but..."

Fuicelli said, "We put our corporate culture before profits, and when you do that, profits will follow.” Whatever. Just point us to the beer.

‘Beer Cart Fridays,’ which has been around for two years, does have a downside. Employees can only enjoy one drink, and there’s no word on what kind of beer is being served. Of course if it’s free, who cares? If there’s one thing we learned in college, it’s that the best beer is free beer. It's amazing what you remember after spending six years as an undergrad.

The complimentary beer on company time is part of Advanced Medical’s philosophy of showing employees how much they’re appreciated. They’re encouraged to dress up on Halloween and enjoy barbecues during work hours. Heck, they’re even given a paid day off on their birthday. About the only perk missing is “Roller Coaster Thursdays” and we won’t be surprised when that becomes a thing.

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