Crowning the best TV show of 2013 would not be an easy choice. In fact, it might be easier to crown the worst TV of the year. 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Swamp People'...well, that show is actually pretty cool, so we'll just throw shade at the Kardashians again.

There's a lot of bad shows circulating TV in 2013, but even though you might feel like watching 'Dancing With the Stars,' perhaps you should really tune into some quality TV. Thankfully, there are shows like the ten listed below which will make anyone want to tune in week after week.

A new fall show could jump onto the list, and if so, we'll be happy to amend out selection. But for now, here are the best TV shows of far.

  • Breaking Bad


    It goes without saying that Walter White is far and away one of the greatest television characters of all time and 'Breaking Bad' is one of the best TV shows of 2013. Few people expected 'Breaking Bad' to keep the drama flame up for more than a season, but each episode -- and season for that matter -- seems to just get better and better.

  • House of Cards


    Kevin Spacey is better known for his silver screen and Broadway roles, but the acting genius decided to take on the lead part in Netflix's 'House of Cards,' his first recurring TV role since 'Wiseguy' (in 1988). The extremely popular streaming series is perhaps the best look into American politics since 'West Wing,' and has given Netflix some credibility for distributing original series.

  • Mad Men


    There was smoking, drinking and promiscuity which is exactly what we're looking for in the best TV shows of 2013. The newest season of 'Mad Men' felt disjointed at times, but still, without trepidation, viewers tuned in to see what Don Draper would do next. And for the most part, Don ended up in someone else's bed.

  • Shameless


    'Shameless' is in its fourth season, but watching William H. Macy bum around with long hair never seems to get old. The storylines might not always been relatable to real life, but they're certainly entertaining.

  • Workaholics


    'Workaholics' is finally starting to receive the acclaim it deserves. The show is written by, and stars, Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm, and it follows the trio's hilarious post-college life as completely misguided burnouts.Think of them as "Generation Y meets The Three Stooges."

  • Justified


    With so much television at people's disposal, it's far too easy to overlook great shows like 'Justified,' which will enjoy its fifth season in 2014. In one of the best TV shows of 2013, Timothy Olyphant plays Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, who enforces justice in the way he sees fit. However, not everyone sees eye-to-eye with him--including his superiors -- which leads to his reassignment from a gig in Miami to the rural Kentucky town he grew up in.

  • Copper


    If you like old-timey mustaches and corruption taking place in New York City during the late-1800s, then look no further: 'Copper' is for you. The juxtaposition between immigrant poverty and elite aristocracy in New York City during this period shines through in a genuine and extremely entertaining manner.

  • Vikings


    Until 2013, there really hadn't been a show devoted to exploring the interesting world of Vikings, a Nordic seafaring people who lived during the 8th to 11th centuries.  'Vikings' follows Ragnar Lodbrok (played by Travis Fimmel), who was a Norse ruler during the Viking Age, and the stories revolving around his and bands' lives.

  • Kroll Show


    Most people know Nick Kroll from his role as Rodney Ruxin on 'The League,' but Kroll's comedy background is more in standup and sketch -- which is exactly what he does on his Comedy Central show 'Kroll Show.' 'Kroll Show' is a sketch show that enables Kroll to unleash his hilarious characters that poke fun at all sectors of American society and it's one of the best, and funniest, TV shows of 2013.

  • Arrested Development


    After a seven year hiatus, the Bluth family returned to the viewing public -- but this time, on Netflix. Sure, the new season of 'Arrested Development' might not have been as good as the first few, but given the crazy work schedules of all the actors, you have to give creator Mitchell Hurwitz some credit for pulling it off.

    What's your pick for the best TV show of 2013? Let us know in the comments.

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