You've gotta have a huge set of baseballs to pull off this stunt.

During Saturday's game between the Indians and Mets in Cleveland, these rather amorous fans got busted doing the nasty in the upper deck. Their hijinks were captured for all in the twitter-verse to enjoy (and, no, we don't know if they were arrested or kicked out).

Pity that poor security guard who had to turn away from the action to spotting two of Ohio's horniest going at it like they're making a sex tape.

The Indians won the game, 7-5, but, come on. The team hasn't won a World Series since 1948, so it takes a lot for fans to get this kind of excited. It's only April, but they already have to find clever ways to make a trip to the ballpark worthwhile.

Cleveland is known for its pent-up frustration, so imagine the kind of X-rated chicanery that may take place once the Browns season gets underway.

Of course, maybe this was the best way to kill time, since not everyone at a baseball game is too keen to be there.

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