Watch it quickly, it's already been deleted from YouTube 4x today. Warning: NSFW -- seriously. 

When you choose a life of high-stakes espionage, sometimes watching your partner get his brains sprayed out against the wall just goes along with the territory. However, when all hope appears to have been eliminated from the equation, and the adversary has unleashed the dogs, sometimes the only thing left to do is hurl that vicious kraut from the window and go on a full seek-and-destroy rampage to obtain what is rightfully yours.

In the music video for Biting Elbow’s latest single ‘Bad Motherf-----“, created by Ilya Naishuller and Sergey Valyaev, a certified badass escapes from a foreign intelligence agency and embarks on an fiendish crusade of gun violence, high-speed chases, and a plethora of kill tactics in order to regain possession of a vaguely phallic teleportation device.

This video is absolute madness at full throttle, with action hero-sized cujones to swing you like a one-eyed trapeze artist around the room, while you sit comfortably in your computer chair waiting for the room to stop spinning.

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