It's true what they say -- "It's only funny until someone gets hurt" but then why is this video of a recent boat race in Missouri still funny? So is the original crash footage. We're terrible.

Apparently the waters were a bit choppy that day on Lake of the Ozarks, and towards the 22-mile marker things got rough for our brave, bikini'd boaters. The vessel hit a huge wake causing first panic, then pain, and ultimately hilarity to ensue. Thankfully, someone was documenting.

A big GuySpeed thanks to YouTube user Tom Robinson, who saw the perfect opportunity to make humor out of someone's very bad day by adding some dubstep and his talented editing skills.

Don't judge us for how many times we've watched this already today -  The captain's fall at :23? Ouch. While the passengers were injured, none were serious, so we're probably only going to the 3rd circle of hell.

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