When one thinks of Bobby Knight, the mind conjures up images of red-faced rage and chairs skidding across a field house floor. But age has mellowed the 71-year old, and Knight now prefers a good nap to the angry histrionics of his past.

It would seem, after watching this video of ESPN's live College Game Day Final Four coverage, that when the camera cuts back to the panel the former coach is catching up on some long overdue napping. Knight (who doesn't need no stinkin' sports coat) appears to be asleep, only to be awaken when fellow old man Digger Phelps pokes him.

Now some have suggested that Knight was simply reading his notes with his head pointed down but look at how grumpy The General looks when Phelps jabs him. That's what you call a just-woke-up face.

Then again, it's Bobby Knight we're talking about here, so it's entirely possible he does look that way all day.