New Year's Eve is a sort of Groundhog Day for rapscallions -- it's the one day of the year when the worst of the worst come out to take a look and wreak havoc.

Yes, it's a night filled with people looking to jam an entire year's worth of chicanery into one evening, which means if they're at a bar the bouncer is going to earn his cash.

Most people don't like bouncers -- they're often painted as the burly meathead standing in the way of a good time. You may have a change of heart, though, watching this NSFW video of a bouncer who strapped on a GoPro and recorded some of the insane encounters he had while working on New Year's Eve.

From annoying bros to whiny ladies, there's no shortage of clientele that will make you roll your eyes and pray the new year brings with it a new sense of decency.