This kid wasn't in the game, but he's definitely a player.

After getting a foul ball at a Miami Marlins game this weekend, this boy heeds the wise words of his father and hands it over to the cute girl sitting right near him. Nice move, kid. Always be gallant when the opportunity presents itself.

This boy learned a valuable lesson early in life that all men should carry with them: be nice to the ladies. Look in that girl's eyes. She's not only ecstatic, she's also smitten with this knight in shining armor. He's in. He should've wowed her even more by asking his dad for a 50 so he could treat her to a souvenir helmet full of ice cream.

We're going to call this right now by saying these crazy kids are going to marry, simply because it's the a ridiculously good meeting story and because she'd be crazy not to snatch him up right now before he realizes just how awesome he is.

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