After a year long gap between the first half of 'Breaking Bad’s' final season and the last eight episodes, you may have forgotten some important info.

While no major spoilers have been leaked yet on season 5, despite one of Bryan Cranston’s shooting scripts being stolen from his car, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of information you need to know about the final season of 'Breaking Bad.'

If you aren’t caught up on 'Breaking Bad' yet you probably shouldn’t read on, but if you clicked on this article and you don’t want spoilers you probably aren’t that smart to being with now are you?

Here are five things you need to know about the final run for Walt and the gang in season 5 of 'Breaking Bad.'

  • The Show Will Have a Definitive Ending

    As with any major show’s finale fans worry that the writer’s will get a little too artistic and symbolic with the ending leaving fans wondering what actually happened. Every fan of 'The Sopranos' knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    Showrunner Vince Gilligan assured fans that everything will be wrapped up by the time the final credits run at the end of season 5. "Anyone anxious that there won't be resolution enough at the end of these eight episodes can rest assured that the story very much reaches resolution, it will not end in any kind of open-ended sense.” said Gilligan.

    This comes as fantastic news for those of us who have invested over five years into 'Breaking Bad.'

  • There’s A Good Chance Walt’s Cancer Will Come Back 

    In the last episode before the break we saw Walt getting a scan for cancer. Gilligan has said that everything that’s not wrapped up will be addressed in these last eight episodes, including Walt’s cancer.

    In the closest thing to a spoiler Gillian has revealed, he told Rolling Stone “there's a scene at the end of – in act four of that last episode that speaks to something. Definitely left for the audience to interpret.”

    How will this impact the persona he has created for himself and the empire he has quickly amassed? It could very well be his demise after all.

  • Walt Jr. Will Have a Major Change This Season

    In a recent interview R.J. Mitt discussed what is going to happen with the most loveable character in the 'Breaking Bad' universe in the final season.

    “What really is going to happen to Walt Jr. this year is [that] he really is going to change and realize he can finally be an adult. He is really put in an interesting position this year and I'm really excited for people to see how he is going to react. I am excited to see what people think of it, because I did my best and I am excited to see what people are going to think of what I did for Walt Jr. I am excited for opening night, the ending of this story is so outstanding and I am 100 percent sure people are going to flip.”

    From the sound of things, Walt Jr. may be learning more about his dad than he had ever imagined in season 5. It will be interesting to see how he responds to his family being in complete disarray and if he has him moment to step up into the spotlight.

  • AMC Will Follow Every Episode With a Recap Discussion Show 

    If you follow 'The Walking Dead' then you’ve probably seen the Chris Hardwick hosted 'Talking Dead' that airs immediately after where actors of the show and other celebrities dissect and discuss what they just watched. AMC is now planning on doing the same with 'Breaking Bad' and lucky for them, there’s a rhyming title in there as well! It’ll be called Talking Bad.

    No host has been announced yet but anything is a welcomed replacement to 'Breaking Bad’s' former predecessor 'Small Town Security.'

  • Hank Is Definitely On To Walt

    I was shocked as to how many people thought there was a chance that Hank didn’t put the pieces together at the end of episode 8 when he picks up the book that Gale had given to Walt. The real question isn’t does he know, but how will he react to what he has just learned. This is a man he has known for years. He’s even accepted money from him for his rehabilitation that he now realizes was drug money.

    Professionally it would be a nightmare to admit the kingpin he’s been chasing all this time was, not only sitting across the table from him, but also getting vital information about the DEA’s investigation directly from Hank. No matter what he decides, that moment has changed Hank’s life forever.

    'Breaking Bad' returns for its final eight episodes August 11th, 2013 on AMC. You can watch a short behind the scenes clip here but don’t expect much as far as spoilers, their secrets are being extremely well kept.


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