The art of home brewing can be a challenging process, as it involves a bit more chemistry than most of us are willing to endure to catch a good old fashion beer buzz after work. Until now, that is.Former Popular Science photographer John Carnett has taken some of the science out of making beer at home by developing a DIY home brew system that appears to have the fundamental mechanics of a high-end coffee maker. Home brew without all of the chances for disastrous contamination? We are listening.

The system referred to as “the Device” is a two-cart brewing system that begins in a boil keg heated for 90 minutes by a propane burner. The brew then travels to a Freon-based, temperature-controlled fermenting keg. Two weeks later, the Device adds carbonation to the beer through an attached CO2 tank in the system’s settling keg, which even chills the beer for you, so that it comes out icy cold straight, from the tap.

Unfortunately, we are not entirely sure just how difficult it is to actually build an ultimate beer-brewing machine of our own, but the project is outlined in detail in Popular Science’s The Big Book of Hacks for those thirsty enough to give it a try. We think we'll just stick to the tried-and-true DIY method of purchasing it from our local package store. Hey, we don't kill our own cows every time we want a burger. Our system works for us.

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