Brooke Banx is a Texas born blonde bombshell that has appeared on countless websites and in magazines including FHM, Status and on the front cover of America Curves magazine.

Brooke's online bio says she is a pre-med student, majoring in biology and psychology. Imagine Brooke is in your biology class. Imagine Brooke is your doctor! Talk about making up fake ailments just to see the MD. "Yes, we'd like to make an appointment to see Dr. Banx for my weekly hernia exam. Also, our areolas are incredibly sensitive to the touch. She might need to squeeze, um, see those as well."

Let's just hope her office takes our medical coverage. We might have to pay out of pocket. That would be money well spent. Especially because we're really concerned about this areola issue.

Brooke Banx Collage
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Brooke Banx Greg Woodson Photo

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