Boston Red Sox prospect Bryce Brentz may not have a shot at making the team this year. And we emphasize the word "shot."

The outfielder, 24, will not be on Boston’s spring training roster because he recently shot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun. He’s recovering from his injuries and could be available to play in games before the regular season starts, although he should probably avoid any trash talking when he does return. This clearly isn't the type of guy who should go shooting his mouth off, you know.

Brentz reportedly own his gun legally and the team doesn’t have a rule forbidding players from owning firearms. Still, general manager Ben Cherington was reportedly displeased with Brentz and had a talk with him (did he tell Brentz the Sox have a policy demanding players only embarrass themselves eating fried chicken and drinking beer?)

Brentz’s injury is just the latest offbeat story involving the Red Sox in under a week. A few days ago, former pitcher Curt Schilling claimed the organization tried to get him to take performance-enhancing drugs while he battled injuries in 2008.