Snowmobiler Caleb Moore is in critical condition after a brutal crash during the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado last week.

Moore had been in the midst of competing in the Snowmobile Freestyle finals when he did a flip that went horribly wrong. He lost control and the snowmobile bounced off of him. He slid down a slope before finally stopping. Amazingly, Caleb Moore managed to walk away from the scene of his own accord.

Moore was brought to a hospital for a concussion. Doctors found bleeding in Moore's heart and flew him to a hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado.

After emergency heart surgery, Caleb Moore, 25, who hails from Krum, Texas, reportedly suffered more injuries in his brain.

Moore’s family has released a statement saying he is in critical condition. They also said:

"The Moores want to express their gratitude to all of Caleb’s fans, friends and family for their strong support and ask for continued prayers in the coming days.”

Moore’s younger brother, Colten, also competed in the Snowmobile Freestyle finals and crashed, as well. He went to the hospital with a separated pelvis, but does not need surgery.

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