We've watched it about a hundred times, and we're stumped. It's just a woman eating a footlong sausage breakfast, right?

Well, no, it's much more than that. First of all, it's Fernanda Romero eating a sausage breakfast, not just any old lady on the street. Fernanda is one of the hottest women in Mexico, which by definition makes her one of the hottest women in the world.

Let's take another look, shall we? BRB.

Okay, we've watched it again and it seems like a perfectly viable method of encouraging customers to patronize the Carl's Jr. food-service establishment. Why in the world the Fox network would refuse to air it during the Super Bowl boggles the mind. If you have a theory, let us know. We're gonna watch the ad again, though, just to be sure we didn't miss anything. A man's gotta be thorough, right?

Oh, and here's some more of Fernanda:

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