Some of you may not know who these mammoth chest puppies belong to, so we're doing you a favor with this little Guess the Celebrity Cleavage.

The owner of this set of 42H-sized knockers is a Japanese girl who's spent time as an AV idol, a gravure idol and a pink film actress. Now, if you're not down with the terminology, an AV idol is basically a porn star, a gravure idol is a model and pink film is a term used to describe sexually-charged films that are mostly softcore.

She stands at about 5'1" and carries around these melons like a champ. And it's not surprising, considering the fact that this buxom cutie is also badass enough to be a black belt in the Goju-ryu style of karate. Guess she can beat us down in more ways than one.

Can you guess who it is?