These lovely Canadian cans belong to an actress who's been acting for most of her life. You may remember her from your childhood and watched her grow up into the daughter of an ass-kicking counter-terrorist agent, an ex-porn star in a movie and a ditzy runaway bride who's part of a wacky group of friends on an ABC sitcom.

As a kid, she co-hosted 'Popular Mechanics for Kids' with a young Jay Baruchel, so it's nice to see the pair having grown up in the industry and still doing great work. In the mid-Aughts, she starred in some music videos and films with heavier subject matters. In recent years, she's starred in more comedic roles that play up the fact that she's a blonde.

Being a Canuck, she's a huge fan of hockey and even dated a few players before marrying one. Can you guess who it is?