This 25-year-old South African model has appeared on the covers of South African Sports Illustrated, FHM South Africa, GQ South Africa, the US GQ (with Lonely Island) and Stuff. Yeah, she's real big in South Africa.

Esquire featured her lounging around her apartment in next to nothing for their 'Me In My Place' feature. She recently appeared in the music video for Gavin DeGraw's 'Sweeter'.

For us, it doesn't get any sweeter than perusing her pics, but her tweets aren't half bad as well. Here are a couple that caught our eye:

"Read this somewhere this week 'love is like a fart, if u have to force it, its probably sh*t' hahaha

What kind of snake was it? A bed snake or a trouser snake?

Hate how women who get engaged go out their way to show u, by waving their hand in your face or constantly saying fiance in every fb status."

If you're thinking about proposing, get in line - she averages about a thousand a day on her Facebook wall.