There are all sorts of ways to open a bottle of beer if you don't have a proper opener -- Lighters, silverware, belt buckles, your teeth, your friend's teeth etc. These days, the cool kids are actually using iPad chargers to gain access to their bottled brews.

We seriously doubt the elderly gentleman in the video below has an iPad. He does have a chainsaw, however. And that works just fine.

Startlingly efficient. Yet, at the same time, we were sort of hoping for more of a mess.

If you feel the need to try this at home, you probably should wear safety goggles -- and steel-plated pants, if you can find them. And you probably shouldn't try it if you've already indulged in other bottles of beer.

In fact, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. We're sorry we even brought it up. Here, watch a video about opening a wine bottle with your shoe. That you can try at home. (And don't ever let anyone tell you we aren't classy.)

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