America may be a divided place right now, but we can all agree this guy is doing his part to bring us together.

This man made a video (with some NSFW language) in which he places himself in those horrible Chevy "Real People Not Actors" commercials. You know the ones we're talking about, right? The ones where some no-name bearded dude tells wide-eyed rubes all the great things about Chevrolet and they react in a way that makes you wonder if they've ever driven -- or been in -- a car before.

Seriously, who is this guy with the beard? Did Chevy casting pluck him from his shift at Bass Pro Shops? And, more importantly, who are these dolts who are way too impressed by a car?

If you're not familiar with these agitating spots, check out a few of them below. Then, watch them over and over and over and ram your head into a wall. Because that's what you'll want to do. We've watched enough football to know that's how everyone feels by the time the games come back from a commercial break.

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