Slam dunk contests haven't been all that interesting in years, at least since Vince Carter did that hang-from-the-rim-by-his-elbow move in 2000 (see below). However, it seems like the Chinese Basketball Association still hasn't realized this.

At the CBA's recent event, one contestant attempted to jump over five other guys on his way to the rim and, well, he failed completely. Poor guy just embarrassed himself in front of a billion people. Worst of all? One of them was Stephon Marbury.

And seriously, even if he made it, would it have been all that impressive? Doubtful. Stupid Blake Griffin, making people think jumping over stuff is somehow the peak of dunking art. Learn from your elders! Watch Michael vs. Dominique. But first, watch highlights from the best slam-dunk-contest performance of all time:

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