Grab a tall cool one and try to figure out where on earth you can find the cheapest beer. Actually, grab a six-pack because it's going to take a long time. has come out with its list of the cheapest cities to buy beer in the 2016 Beer Price Index. If you know number one, well, give yourself a Pabst Blue Ribbon because you may be the only one on this side of the Atlantic: it's Bratislava, Slovakia, where a beer will run you an average of $1.65.

Yeah, it's time to pack up and head the heck Slovakia is.

The rankings are determined by comparing "the average price of local beers between bars and shops, as well as comparing yearly average purchasing and consumption."

If you're not one for foreign travel, you may want to head to Los Angeles, which is home to the cheapest beer in the U.S. ($3.64), which is saying something, considering how much everything in the City of Angels costs.

10 Cheapest Cities to Buy Beer

1. Bratislava, Slovakia - $1.65
2. Kiev, Ukraine - $1.66
3. (tie) Cape Town, South Africa - $1.87
3. (tie) Krakow, Poland - $1.87
5. Mexico City - $2.13
6. Belgrade, Serbia - $2.19
7. Cairo, Egypt - $2.39
8. (tie) Warsaw, Poland - $2.45
8. (tie) Ljubljana, Slovenia - $2.45
10. Budapest, Hungary - $2.47

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