Somebody really, really, really hates the idea of getting married.

The short YouTube description of this video sums it up pretty well: "Boyfriend bashes bouquet away from over-excited girlfriend at wedding."

What it doesn't say is the video is in slow motion. And it replays a few times, letting the girlfriend -- who isn't "over-excited" as much as she is "under-dating" with this creep -- relive the humiliation over and over, for all of eternity.

Yup, the man reaches over and knocks away the bouquet of flowers coming right at her and then starts to get up, smugly looking pleased at what he's done.

Either this guy is a complete bully or he's terrified of a tradition that has no scientific backing in which a woman who catches a bouquet will be the next to tie the knot.

There's a school of thought that women like jerks. If that is true, then this guy probably turned on more ladies at this wedding than Leonardo DiCaprio could ever hope to do.