Let's get this straight: no one likes whistling. It's done either by underpaid Disney characters, construction workers who have never heard of a pickup line or people who are so happy and seem like they're trying to rub your face in it.

Japan recently hosted the World Whistling Convention, where 50 people from half a dozen countries took part in a whistling contest in which they had to perform a song between two and five minutes, while judges rated them on tone, pitch and rhythm.

And while we're not sure what the winner got for his or her efforts, we can tell you the competition is expected to take place every other year.

We'd like to think that as great as this contest was (and we're not entirely sold on that), the real action came when everyone was getting ready to leave and whistled for cabs to take them to the airport. That must've been some cacophony of sound.

Of course, whistling contests have been done before in Japan before, so we're not ready to call this a total innovation.