Relations with police were not exactly at an all-time high in 2016, but they appear to be ending on a good note.

A police officer stopped a University of Wisconsin-Stout student for speeding last month -- only to help the young man tie his tie before he got to class.

The student had cruised by a friend's house, hoping the pal could help him tie his tie, since he didn't know how to do it himself (yeah, we know -- how do you get to this age without knowing how to tie a tie?).

The officer decided to multi-task by getting the necktie process started while asking for the driver's insurance and license. In the end, the student got off with a warning and a tie for his shirt (albeit a wee bit too long), courtesy of the cop.

We don't know how the presentation went, but the student was invited back to the police station to learn how to tie a tie, proving that you don't always need to be in the classroom to get an education.

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