And the award for the best haircut of the year goes to this knucklehead.

This guy took in the festivities at Wimbledon on Tuesday while sporting a tennis ball for a head.

We'd love to meet the stylist who did this. Is he the same guy who gives Mr. Met a trim? Or the same fella responsible for Don King's coif?

This is the kind of hairstyle that makes him look more like a villain from a Marvel movie than an overzealous fan of backhands.

Of course, we also notice he's a little thin up top, so we guess you could say he's balding, err, Spalding.

So, now we've got this guy and Stewie from Family Guy with the football-shaped head. At what point does someone show up at a New York Yankees game with a syringe-shaped head in support of A-Rod?

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