Department stores and shopping malls aren't the only retailers that experience a holiday rush. Liquor stores are stocked with lots of treats for any and all holiday parties. 

One huge fad lately seems to be the over abundance of weird flavored vodkas. We prefer our vodka to taste like, well, vodka but some people might be down for cotton candy or bacon flavored liquors. Hint- those 'people' are called women.

Check out some of these bizarre flavors, that are real, and that actually sell well. If they don't make you gag just reading, they sure will make you vomit after a couple shots.

Chocolate Whipped Cream Vodka:  That’s right, chocolate and whipped cream. Vodka is now officially a desert option. You can pick this elixer up for a mere $10 or just take a regular bottle of Vodka to Friendly's.

Root Beer Vodka: This will only set you back $16. We could never figure out the difference between root beer and birch beer. Actually, we just didn't care to figure it out. If it's one thing we hate doing, it's research.

Smoked Salmon Vodka: This bottle will only cost you $25 but we will smash it over your head for free.

Cotton Candy Vodka: The first we heard about cotton candy vodka was at a coworker's birthday celebration. It’s real, and real cheap, at only $11 a bottle. Just like our coworker.

Bison Grass Flavored - What? We don't even... Do bison drink vodka? Head hurts.

Bacon Vodka: A little pricier than the others, about $26, but the taste of bacon is a favorite of many. It probably doesn't taste too bad. We've had vodka with bacon and eggs on many a morning.

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