We're not clowning around here.

A new study by Science Direct has shed some insight on what the creepiest jobs are. And to the surprise of absolutely no one who doesn't have a size 38 shoe or ride to work in a VW Beetle with a dozen other opeople, clown took first.

The study also found that 95% of those who took part said men are more likely than women to be creepy, so remember that when you're making googly-oogly eyes with a cute blonde in a bar and she immediately grabs her mace.

The list of creepy jobs also proves that "I'm an investment banker" will go over better than "I'm a taxidermist" or "I'm unemployed," which seems like something we didn't need to research to confirm.

Creepiest Jobs

  1. Clown
  2. Taxidermist
  3. Sex Shop Owner
  4. Funeral Director
  5. Taxi Driver
  6. Unemployed
  7. Clergy
  8. Janitor
  9. Garbage Collector
  10. Guard
  11. Writer
  12. Actor
  13. Construction Worker
  14. Computer Software Engineer
  15. Cafeteria Worker
  16. Financial Adviser
  17. Doctor/Physician
  18. College Professor
  19. Farmer
  20. Teacher
  21. Meteorologist