It should surprise no one that the ‘Crush of the Day’ articles are some of the most popular on the website.

Crush of the Day shines a spotlight on some of the most talented and beautiful women in the world. Some are famous for their contributions to movies, TV and music and some are famous for...ehem...other reasons.

This year, we're asking readers to vote on their favorite crush. The winner will be crowned GuySpeed's Crush of the Year!

Here our the ten most popular "crushes" from the past year. Click on each name to visit their original page for even more photos and information.

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    Jenna-Louise Coleman

    Doctor Who’s new companion, Clara, is played by crush-worthy UK actress Jenna-Louise Coleman.

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    Courtney Robertson

    'The Bachelor' bad girl that everyone was talking about last season.

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    Heather Clem

    Heather Clem was virtually unknown a grainy videotape with a wrestling legend appeared on the internet audience.

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    Alexis Knapp

    The 'Project X' actress made the world's craziest party movie even more fun to watch.

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    Erin Sharoni

    Co-host of Showtime’s newest sports show ‘Jim Rome on Showtime’, Erin Sharoni is one of the hottest and most popular ladies currently working in sports broadcasting.

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    Jaime Maggio

    Beautiful and blonde, Jaime Maggio is a sports reporter for Fox Sports West, the NFL Network, the NFL on FOX, the MLB on TBS and more sports events.

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    Tracy Spiridakos

    Striking actress Tracy Spiridakos plays one of the central characters in the J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke-produced post-apocalyptic NBC drama ‘Revolution.’

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    Havana Brown

    Australian DJ-singer-dancer Havana Brown is on her way to becoming a household name.

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    Amanda McCarthy

    Amanda is a model, blogger and baseball wife of Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy.

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    Leryn Franco

    Leryn Franco is a Paraguayan model and athlete who has posed for Sports Illustrated and other popular magazines.