Distracted driving isn't just for people in cars.

In this head-scratching video, a cyclist in Britain crashes into a parked car for reasons you'll be hard-pressed to figure out.

Inside the car was a student driver taking in his first lesson with his instructor. Welcome to the road, kid.

The cyclist had his head down, appearing to look at a computer mounted on his bike. We don't know if he was looking at data tracking his speed, studying how many calories he'd burned or watching porn, but whatever it was had him completely mesmerized because he never looked up. The result? He slammed right into the car.

The cyclist drew come blood, while the instructor hopped out of the car to make sure everything was okay.

The cyclist quickly left the scene and it wasn't until later the instructor noticed a dent in the car.

As for the cyclist, may we offer you this rudimentary piece of advice: keep your eyes on the road.