Daniela Holmqvist went from fighting to make the cut to fighting to save her life.

The 24-year-old golfer is a Swedish rookie trying to make her way on the Ladies European Tour, but she might be better suited for a run on 'Man vs. Wild' because she somehow managed to keep playing and finish a round after a black widow bit her.

And you thought Robert Griffin III was tough for playing with a gruesome knee injury during the playoffs. Puh-lease.

Holmqvist was on the fourth hole this week during a qualifying round for the Women’s Australian Open when the black widow spider bit her. She looked down to see “a large, furry, black creature with a red spot on its back just above her sock line.”

You can say what you want, but you know you’d be screaming at an octave not meant to come out of a human’s mouth if that happened to you. Holmqvist, however, spring into action.

She flicked the spider away and nearly keeled over in pain. Somehow, she managed to summon her inner MacGyver when she grabbed a tee and stabbed herself with it to squeeze out the deadly venom. Unlike what seems like a majority of pro athletes these days, she was determined to get all foreign substances out of her body by any means possible:

"A clear fluid came out. It wasn't the prettiest thing I've ever done, but I had to get as much of it out of me as possible."

Amazingly, she then went about the task at hand by finishing her round, while doctors kept an eye on her. Unfortunately, she missed the cut by shooting a 74, which, considering all she went through, probably stung -- just not as much as the black widow did.

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