We've said it before, and we'll say it again-- Movember is our favorite time of year. There's nothing like a month full of hardy 'stache-growing to bring us men together in a weird, hairy way. However, this whole lady tickler love fest does leave our ladies on the outside. There's no way we'd let our better halves in on Movember celebrations, so what can we do to make up for it? Celebrate Decembeaver, that's what.

We suppose it's only fair; if we get to harvest our bushy flavor savors for an entire month, our female friends should be able to let loose too, which is why we support them in their...growth. We're only five days into December, and word has it that festive ladies everywhere have ditched the razors and given up waxing their love muffins, all for the sake of fighting cancer...And also probably to get back at us for looking like creepy strip club regulars. Like they say, it takes the "ooch" out of her cooch and the "ah" out of her "hoo-hah." Fine, no one says that. Yet.

So while doing the deed with an out-of-control beaver might endanger the health of our sex lives a bit, at least we're helping saving other people's lives. So wait-- how many more weeks until January?

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