Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make Brad and Angelina look like Bogie and Bacall.

The dueling presidential candidates met in a tense (to put it mildly) debate on Sunday in St. Louis. They slung enough mud to do whatever it is you can do with enough mud to cover an entire zip code.

Hillary's emails. Donald's lewd comments about groping women. Threatening to put Hillary in jail. Hillary saying the Republican party is deserting Donald. It was ugly, it was nasty, it was politics as usual, if politics was reduced to a voyeuristic reality show, with Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper playing the cops ordered to keep the peace.

The animosity was more prevalent than the writing on the walls behind the candidates.

Which leads us to this photo. Amidst the name-calling and finger-pointing, it's hard to believe one of these people will be president and not the last person left to get a rose in the mansion.

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Take a look at the picture. What can they be thinking? We've come up with ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Donald Trump:

"You know, 30 years ago, I'd hit that."

"I could really go for a Tic Tac."

"It's exhausting being a villain 24/7."

Hillary Clinton:

"He's behind me? Right now?"

"Yeah, I think Bill is the second most untrustworthy person, too."

"How am I not leading by more?"

There were plenty of other terrific images -- cringeworthy or otherwise -- from the debate, as well. And if you think this was nasty, just remember: there's a third debate. So, take a shower to remove all this filth off of you and brace yourself.

The Romantic Ballad Duet

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The "Yeah, I'm Talking About You" (Or the "Stop Picking On Me")

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The "I Hate Her More Than I Love Myself"

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The Completely Inauthentic Handshake

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The Turning Your Back on Each Other

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