You can call Donald Trump many things -- arrogant, pompous, cocky. But you may want to put "ladies man" at the top of that list.

You see, the Donald is currently on his third wife, proving that chicks can look past awful hair and blowhardedness to see all the zeroes in a bank account that makes a guy so truly special.

Trump says what he feels and never pulls any punches. Maybe that's what is so endearing about him to voters as he continues to surge in the Republican presidential race. More importantly, maybe that honesty endears him to the fairer sex.

Comedian Ari Blau and his magnificent man bun decided to use actual lines said by Trump in an attempt to pick up women (although he chats up a few men, too). As you may expect, Blau doesn't do quite as well as Trump is in the primaries. Heck, he didn't even do as well as Marco Rubio, but he sure is entertaining to watch as he offends and bewilders most of the people whose ears he gets, which is pretty much what Trump does on a daily basis.