There was a time in your life when you wanted to drink as much as possible for as little as possible. Then, a few hundred hangovers (and maybe some kids) later, that all changed.

Your style of drinking reflects where you are in life -- the younger and more inexperienced you are, the more likely you are to shirk off paying the bill while downing boatloads of PBR. As you get older and your paychecks have more numbers to the left of the decimal, your taste grows to include sophisticated choices to match your penchant for enjoying quiet evenings playing Taboo, which, ironically, are taboo in your 20s.

We're waiting for the video about drinking in your 40s, but we think that might be depressing -- who wants to watch a guy nurse a gin and tonic while he bemoans urinating every three minutes, his upcoming prostate exam and escalating cost of his kid's tuition?