Always leave your car in park.

That's the lesson to learn from this poor gentleman in Russia, who had to chase his vehicle as it slithered down a snowy road in reverse.

We're pretty sure the fella in this clip didn't find it funny, but the classic Benny Hill theme gives it an added layer of amusement.

For a while, you may think someone is driving the car and playing a joke on him, but watching it flip over kind of puts the kibosh on that.

We're also kind of miffed at exactly what happened -- was he urinating or waiting for the person driving the other vehicle? If he was relieving himself, then he definitely needs to learn about holding it in. If he was waiting for the other person, well, maybe next time he'll be sure to be more selfish.

Whatever the true story is, we salute you Russia and your ever-present use of the dash cam.

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