Hockey players can take it when their bodies are put through the ringer. Hockey fans? Not as much.

This drunk guy at the Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators game looks like he got sick to his stomach watching his Habs fall to the Senators. Watch as he hands off his beer while  people sitting around him scurry away like he's carrying the Ebola virus. He then vomits in the aisle (mercifully, we don't see actual footage of him evicting his insides).

Vomiting at a game is bad form, for sure, but doing it in the aisle? Come on, dude! That's going to be an inconvenience for everyone walking up the concourse to get a hot dog -- a hot dog no one will have an appetite for anymore after getting a look and whiff of hurl in  their walking path.

Way to go, buddy. You single-vomitedly put a dent in the team's financesby selling less food, which means less money to spend on players, which means less chance at winning the Stanley Cup, which means less quality play, which means less attendance, which means eventually the team will move because the fans don't want to come out anymore.

So, clearly, this is the worst vomit in sports history. Who knew?