Major League Baseball has announced that Edith Houghton, a Philadelphia baseball prodigy and first female MLB scout, passed away Saturday, February 2 at age 100.

In 1922 Ms. Houghton became a professional baseball player at the ripe young age of 10. Known as "The Kid" for her exceptional skills on the diamond, Houghton played for one of the first all-female baseball teams, the Philadelphia Bobbies. She, already being the youngest player, quickly became the league's best player as well.

The female phenom had her professional playing career cut short due to the onset of WWII when she volunteered for the Navy WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service). She did, however, pitch for the WAVES' team during her first stint in the military service.

Upon her return from the war in 1946, Phillies owner Bob Carpenter hired her as the first female scout in baseball history. While acting as a scout she pegged 18 players for the organization, none of which made it further than the minors. Despite this, 'the Kid' worked for the Phillies until she returned to military duty in 1952. Houghton served in Korea and Vietnam before retiring to Sarasota, Florida.

Due to her phenomenal achievements both on and off the field, Ms. Houghton's baseball cap and other gear were put on display in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. in 2006.

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