Electric Daisy Carnival is an annual electronic dance music festival that was originally held in Southern California from 1997 to 2010, then moved to Las Vegas in 2011, and expanded to MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands of New Jersey in 2012. Talk about constant downgrades.

The 3-day event has been known to attract almost 250,000 attendees in the past, and we have to imagine with MetLife holding at least 80k, those numbers will most likely go up when all is said and done.

Unlike Rockfest in Kansas where Snooki lookalikes get drop kicked in the face, Electric Daisy is teeming with hot tail that dress up in ridiculously weird but also strangely erotic costumes and suck on nookies. Approaching those sirens sucking nookies and poppin' 'em out is pretty hit or miss. Adding, "I've got something better for you to suck on" is usually a miss, but the hits are MIND BLOWING. It's a numbers game, guys.

Anyway, if you weren't fortunate enough to trip balls in the swamps of East Rutherford, Newark Star-Ledger photographer Saed Hindash was on hand to snap pics.