Hey there, Daddy. Looking for a good time? Well, apparently 69% of men are according to an Indiana University study claiming that's how many guys frequent prostitutes.

In 2010, experts from the Prostitution Research and Education Institution (who knew?) conducted a study identifying the most common reason for men fornicating with a hooker is to satisfy a sexual urge. This finding was quickly followed sarcastically by a collective "ya don't say" from every dude in the world.

Whether it's your first time or you've been more than once around the block, >here are a few pointers on how to properly pick up a prostitute.  Among the safety tips like wearing protection and avoiding back alleys and street corners, was this interesting tip that most men probably wouldn't think about.

Try Not to Use Your Home — It’s never a good idea to let a complete stranger in your house when your guard is completely down. A neutral place is always better and safer.

Most men would probably prefer a 'home field advantage' but it's never a good idea to expose your home to any prostitute or any of the people she may call 'friends.'

Also keep in mind that sex Workers are People Too — just because a woman chooses to be a sex worker doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect. Do not be mean, abusive or a cheat. They work hard for that money.

A few more to add from our own personal experiences are to always check to make sure she doesn't have a penis (The Crocodile Dundee method of just walking right up and getting a handful works nicely) and do not fall in love. Pretty Woman was just a movie. The greatest movie ever made, but still, a movie.

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