Stage diving. It's an art and not really a science. Actually, we take that back. It is an art and a science, since biology factors in when the adrenaline takes over. That means that listening to one's brain often goes out the window, all in the name of ROCK! Music is a powerful motivator, and as you can see from this mash-up video of epic stage dives, compiled by our friends at Loudwire, music can drive rock stars to do some pretty crazy things.

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder dives into the crowd from a mast, while the elder statesman Iggy Pop takes a leap and appears to land face first, with no help from his adoring audience. Slipknot’s masked DJ Sid Wilson throws caution to the wind -- and himself into the crowd. Then there’s this little-known band Boy Hits Car, the member of which hurls himself 68 feet below into the crowd. That requires quite a bit of trust in one’s fans, combined with a cocktail of adrenaline and a wee bit of stupidity.

How more stage diving injuries haven't occurred and sidelined rockers permanently is shocking, especially after you watch this mash-up of those that are most epic.

Watch Most Epic Stage Dives in Rock Music

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