Albin has a message for all you geeks out there who are hating on "fake" geek girls, and the message is pretty simple: Shut up. The floor is yours, Albin, we're listening. 

"Elitists are elitists, whether they're wearing thick framed, prescription glasses or Gucci suits." Sing it, sister.

There's been lots of talk lately about "fake geek girls" in the nerd community, which is very, very confusing to us. As fellow nerds, we're puzzled as to why any of us would ever complain about women being a "part of our community" at all.This whole controversy reads like the plot of a terrible high school movie from the 90s. 

Comic books, Cosplay, and other nerdy things that we love and most people think are lame are not just for dudes, and thank god, or we would all be single forever. We know plenty of babes who love the Preacher series as much, if not more that we do. It's awesome.

We love Cosplay girls for several reasons -- Partly because we love the characters they dress up as, and also because the costumes are really sexy, duh. Women who dress up in Cosplay also think the costumes are sexy, and that means they're empowered and confident and they love comic books. What, exactly, is the downside to all of this?

We're glad that there is a subculture of girls who are not only okay with our nerdiness, but can geek out just as hard as us, because we can't really help it anyway. Welcome to the club, Albin. Let us know if those jerks don't stop bothering you, we'll take care of them (no we won't, we are big wusses).

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