We've all seen fans at sporting events try to match the competitors on the field from time to time. As the ball flies toward them, they make valiant efforts to grab a souvenir. Some are armed with gloves, while others choose instead to duck and cover. And then there are the select few who so nonchalantly hold onto their beers and make a spectacular catch. Here's a look at five fans who have impressed us all:

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    Last week in Seattle, a Mariner fan walked away with the best catch of the evening when he caught a foul ball in his beer cup and then chugged the brew. This one's on Major League Baseball, but the dry cleaning bill, unfortunately, is not.

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    This ball knew where it wanted to go as it clanged around in the Fenway seats before resting inside the suds of one fan. Not fazed by the wet pants the incident caused, the fan proceeded to sip the beer with the ball still in place.

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    It's not just during gameplay that these opportunities arise. A Cubs fan is the recipient of some good will from a Braves' outfielder before a game, yet he must pay the price in the form of his brewski. The ball gently plops down into the cup, to the delight of the bleacher crowd. The Chugs are gonna win today, indeed.

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    An innocent bystander way out in the back of the Phillies-Giants game became an instant celebrity for a moment when he casually caught a long fly ball while holding onto his tray of snacks and beverages. What an impressive achievement. Unlike the others on this list, this fan was able to hang onto his expensive nosh without paying the price for a daring grab.

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    You only hear about foul balls with baseball, but hockey has its own share of loose pucks leaving the ice and finding their way into the crowd. One Bruins' fan had to dig a puck out of his cup. He appeared to be in good spirits about the whole thing.

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