Dubstep has proven to be one of music's biggest crazes of the past year, with Skrillex winning three Grammys, Deadmau5 performing at the award show and Korn creating the dubstup / nu-metal experiment, 'The Path of Totality.' However, we're proud to help usher in the next electronic craze that is sure to blow you away - Fartstep!

Master of the parody Andy Rehfeldt has graced us again with another entertaining piece of gold by inventing the new genre, Fartstep. Having recorded his gastric emissions every morning for a whole month, Rehfeldt crafted this product with patience and precision. Reminiscent of a recent South Park episode, this may be a perfect example of what Stan Marsh hears when he puts on a Skrillex record.

The video Rehfeldt uses for his Fartstep remix couldn't be funnier. If animal from the Muppets quit the drums and bought a Macbook, this is exactly what his performances would look like. The crowd really seem to be enjoying themselves too, energetically ignorant of the fact that they're slowly being gassed to death.

The revolutionary Fartstep music kicks in at around 0:38, so crank it up to 11 and annoy your co-workers with this hilarious parody of electronic music.