Listen, I gave up trying to understand why men feel the need to do some of the things they do long ago, and topping that list is their need to set things on fire. A fart, shots, piles of dynamite… video after video of men with flaming what-have-yous gone awry are as ubiquitous online as kittens acting cute or kids lip-syncing to their favorite pop hit.

I'm not saying that I don't watch and delight in the absolute insanity that plays before me every single time, my point is that I need to get some work done and I'm incapable of hitting delete when my RSS feed delivers subject lines like, "Proof Homemade Fire Suits Should Never be Tested on Ladders."

So, without further adieu, please join me in viewing yet another man skirting disaster by the slightly charred skin of his teeth.

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