With the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament in the books, it's time to take a look at some fascinating numbers coming out of ESPN's Tournament Challenge.

More than 8 million people filled out and submitted brackets, including a stunning 2,354 people who picked this year's Cinderella team, 15-seed Florida Gulf Coast, to win the whole thing. We weren't aware that 2,354 people had ever even heard of FGCU before they upset Georgetown in the first round. (It's only been holding classes since 1997.)

But that's not the only eye-catching statistic:

  • Not a single bracket picked every Sweet 16 team correctly—that's zero out of 8.15 million. Only four even got 15 out 16, which is 0.00000049 percent, if you're keeping track.
  • Perhaps even more surprising than no one getting all 16 teams correct is that 1,046 brackets went 0 for 16.
  • Florida Gulf Coast dorm

    More than 77,000 brackets had Florida Gulf Coast in the Sweet 16; 100,000 had the other Cinderella team, 13th-seeded LaSalle, in the Sweet 16; and 30,000 brackets picked both of them. That picture to the right? That's a dorm at FGCU. Why oh why didn't we apply there ...

  • The West region busted most people's brackets, with 1-seed Gonzaga, 3-seed New Mexico, 4-seed Kansas State and 5-seed Wisconsin already eliminated. But still, 966 people managed to correctly pick Ohio State, Arizona, Wichita State and LaSalle.
  • There's much more too, including how well various ESPN personalities and President Obama are doing in their brackets. Go take a look. We'll be over here figuring out how we can audit some classes at FGCU.