We Americans like to think we have a can-do attitude.

The rest of the world, though, likes to think we have a can-, will- and do-eat attitude.

In this video, people from all over the world give their takes on how they can distinguish the good ol' red, white and blue lovers from folks from other nations. Prepare to be thoroughly offended, assuming your hearing is not blocked out by the sound of the other guy on the drive-thru loudspeaker.

They say we're fat, eat a lot of hamburgers, drink too much, wear loose clothes, are loud and confident. Basically, we're every single 22-year-old guy who goes to a techno club in a car littered with McDonald's wrappers that daddy bought us for graduation.

We can't even turn the tables because, quite honestly, do have any idea what the typical Norwegian is like? Or someone from Denmark? No. We're too busy shoveling McDonald's into our bottomless stomachs to learn about other cultures.

'Murica -- gotta love it!