The golden shower giving Grammy winner R. Kelly released his autobiography titled, 'Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me' back in late June. Jimmy Kimmel got his hands on it and enlisted revered and lauded character actor Gary Oldman to perform a dramatic reading from the book. The excerpt focused on R. Kelly's first encounter with Tupac Shakur. The result? Take a look for yourself.

Dramatic readings always hit the comedic mark. Remember that dramatic reading of a break up letter? Or, even more recently, Nick Offerman reading tweets from young female celebrities? If you don't laugh when Gary belts out, "You feel me?!?" or "Let it do what it do," you need to get more sun.

It's bits like these that makes us think Jimmy's overthrown the likes of Letterman and Leno for the Late Night King crown. He and Jimmy Fallon pump out at least one gem per night.

If this isn't a series, it should be.