Hurricane Sandy really did a number on us North Easterners. Though a bunch of really amazing volunteers and city crews are (thankfully) making quick work of cleaning up the devastating damage, there are some things worth seeing before they're tidied.

Seaside Heights NJ's boardwalk was one of the places hit hardest by the storm, and for a few weeks the city debated leaving this gigantic roller coaster in the ocean as a tourist attraction. Thankfully, someone on the decision-making team had heard of the perils of Tetanus, as this week they announced that the roller coaster would not remain in the water.

asbury park roller coaster sandy
Getty Images

Despite the good sense involved in removing a large, man-made structure from the already-sufficiently-polluted New Jersey waters, we're still a little bummed, if only because it kind of reminds us of the opening credits of 'Step by Step':

Anyway, go see it before it's gone, and take pictures so when your children ask you what an "ocean" was about Hurricane Sandy, you have something to show them.

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